BACB History

The state of Oregon, including the greater Bay Area has a rich history of having a community band of some kind. The Bay Area Concert Band (BACB) fits into that history. The period History – Pre 1976 will involve a look back at what came before the BACB and the existence of small (and large) Community Bands in the geographical areas from which we currently draw our members (Port Orford to Reedsport and east to Myrtle Point.

We know that town bands were very important to Oregon communities. There is a pattern of towns setting as priorities the foundation of churches and schools, and quickly followed by community bands and baseball teams. Perhaps this declaration stretches ones credulity, but there are also grains of truth.

Oregon officially became a state in 1859 (on Valentine’s Day) and we know that Coquille, Oregon had a Coquille Women’s Brass Band dating back to the 1880s. We have evidence that a mere 21 years after statehood was declared, community bands had formed. We will look to see how far back we can go. There was a Coos Band Concert Band (all men) in 1905 directed by R. Fenton. A Coos Bay Concert Band (all men) played at the State Fair in 1914.

Bandon had a concert band from 1901 – 1936, again all men. An article about them claims it was born in 1891.

The Coos Bay Concert Band of 1914 (all men) had quite a following and was directed by the afore mentioned, “famous Maestro” R. Fenton.

Town bands like the one from Bunker Hill were written up with pride and recognition their participation in parades was a highlight.

As we start digging, we know we will find a lot to read about and write about. We hope to do that in due time. So remember to keep coming back. Items will be written, little by little, over and ongoing period of time.

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